Who we are

We are Havas Group’s multicultural creative, localization, and production agency dedicated to enabling our clients’ successful transformation.

What we do

We help our clients achieve higher ROI from their marketing budgets through more impactful, locally relevant brand assets and greater cost efficiencies.

  • The Hercules team of over 1,100 talents with production facilities such as Dream Studios, Rita and Studio 6 in 14 locations on four continents, is a true global powerhouse of creative, localization, and production expertise
  • In addition to our broad in-house digital and social media capabilities, we partner with the Havas Group’s best digital agencies such as Digital Factory, Magma, Socialyse, and The Annex to name but a few
  • Hercules also benefits from access to our parent company Vivendi’s vast collection of film, music, and gaming content, to further strengthen our global capabilities